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your safety comes first !

your safety comes first !

Smoke detectors are the first to warn of danger, so they can save lives.

Depending on legislation, owners of apartment buildings must install a fire detector in each dwelling, as well as in hallways and stairwells. Smoke alarms compliant must be installed, depending times of the year of building construction.

However, it is generally the responsibility of the tenant to take the necessary measures to ensure the proper functioning smoke alarms located in the unit it occupies, including battery replacement if necessary. To ensure proper operation, you should first verify that they are functional when taking possession of the unit. Also, in the case of battery detectors, you should change the battery 2 times a year; moments of time change can be a good way to remember.

It is important to change the batteries, but also to never disconnect a detector connected to electricity. To verify that it works, you can press the test button for several seconds. If the battery is working as it should, a beep will sound.

If your detector goes off for no reason, it may be:
- It is dirty we arrive slightly outside the vacuum housing
- It is changing because it has exceeded its average lifespan of 10 years
- It is misplaced

If after these checks and that the detector always goes off without reason, you must tell the owner to see if it needs replacing.

Moreover, for all persons are aware of the danger bet, it is important that the smoke alarm is connected to the alarm system of the building so that each occupant to hear. In some buildings, manual fire alarm boxes will be set, located near the exit stairways to ensure safety of persons occupying the building.

We must give ourselves the means to be ready to face any eventuality.

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